Motorized Sieve Shaker for use with 8", 10" and 12" sieves.
1/3 HP motor handles up to (11) 8" sieves,
(7) 10" sieves and (7) 12" full-height sieves; and, (19) half-height 8" sieves,
(13) half-height 12" sieves. 1/3 HP motor, 115V, 60Hz with 30 minute timer.
Mounting is required. ASTM C136.

Made in Canada.

Sieve Shaker Manual


U.S.A. Standard Sieve Series

Sieve frames are seamless spun brass or stainless steel with rigid rolled edges, extended bottoms (skirts) to fit all frames, pans or separator bottoms of the same diameter. This allows a set of sieves to be stacked. Brass sieves are cost efficient; stainless steel sieves are longer lasting, with sag-resistant mesh.



Click here to view the ASTM Test Sieve Standard Specifications.

Humboldt Sieve Shakers H-4325, H-4310 and H-4330

Complete line of heavy-duty sieve shakers to meet virtually every application—and every budget.


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RO-TAP® Motorized Sieve Shaker

W.S. TylerTest Sieve Shakers were designed for functional use, providing reliable, accurate and consistent particle analysis service. The units require little maintenance and all operate on 110 or 220 voltage. Each unit is serialized, allowing for complete traceability. The Ro-Tap®, first produced in 1917, remains the "industry standard" in many industries. NEW! RO-TAP® E Test Sieve Shaker RO-TAP® RX-29/RX-30
  • Heavy duty, stationary unit
  • Recommended for use in testing applications requiring material 635 mesh (20 microns) and greater in size
  • Rotating and tapping motions. Oscillations per minute, 278; Taps per minute, 150
  • Standard units for use with 8" (200mm) and 12" (300 mm) diameter sieves
  • Adapter kit for wet testing (8" only)
  • A digital 99-minute clock/timer, accurate to .1 second
  • Sound enclosure and stand available (see below)


Click here to download the RO-TAP® manual

W.S. Tyler and RO-TAP® are the trademark and registered trademark of Haver Tyler Corporation.

Gilson Sieve Shakers

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Gilson Universal Sample Splitter


Gilson's patented combination of adjustable chutes and gate release hoppers assures top accuracy for mixing and reducing gross samples to representative smaller test quantities. Universal Splitters are convenient, space-saving, and cost-effective. A single model serves the purpose of two or more conventional splitters. Larger SP-1 and SP-0 models offer large capacities not available from other sources. Since the hoppers have a gate release, only the included sample collecting pans are necessary for proper use; but extras are available. Models SP-3, SP-2.5, and SP-0 have 60° chute slopes; other models have simple, inexpensive Adapter Kits to convert standard 45° chutes to 60° when necessary for flowability or to meet specifications (recommended for coal and coke). Models SP-2.5 and SP-3 are mostly of stainless steel; other models are heavy-gauge painted steel which has been forced air dried. The Universal chute section is comprised of a set of aluminum bars of precise width that pivot about a rod through their lower ends. Top of bar ends are flipped to alternate sides to form desired width chutes, as determined by number and width of bars grouped on each side. Groupings that results in an equal number of chutes to either side may be used (See table of options for each model). Once set, bars are held tightly together via wing nuts on threaded ends of the pivot rod. The original of the Universal design, Model SP-1 is a rugged large-capacity floor model sample divider for laboratory or field use. This popular splitter is now also available as a totally-enclosed SP-10 version (see separate listing or add the SPA-7 Enclosure Adapter Set to your existing SP-1). The SPA-114 Fixed Chute Accessory converts an SP-1 to the SP-1C fixed chute configuration with ten 2-1/4" wide chutes. See the SP-1C listing for complete description. The SPA-102Chute Attachment accessory replaces one pan to permit direct loading of half of sample into a bag or container. Optional Porta Wheels (described elsewhere) bolt fast for mobility, and a 60 Kit is available.

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