The Applied Test Systems (ATS) line of Asphalt / Bitumen Testing Equipment has been an integral part of the SHRP asphalt research program and its Superpave system. Equipped with cutting edge, exclusive ATS software, each new system offers a sleek, digital touch screen that allows users to test and record data with ease. Whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, or a PC, remote capability lets you control and view your data on the go. For those looking for a more simplistic and cost-effective testing solution, our original BBR model is still available without a touchscreen and has been updated with our latest BBR software. Ensure that you stay ahead of the curve with the company that looks to the future.



Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV4)

Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO Touch)

Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO)

Bending Beam Rheometer 2S (BBR2S)

Bending Beam Rheometer 3 (BBR3)

Series 510 Sealant Tester

Series 530 Sealant Tester

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