The new ATS Pyro-Clean® is a must have for any testing lab. Designed to burn off test residue from lab equipment, it improves on previous versions and incorporates state of the art touchscreen technology, automatic operation, and a clean, matte-black design. Lab technicians no longer need to rely on scraping, wire brushing, or hand heating to clean equipment. Operators can simply place everything in their Pyro-Clean®, press start, and allow the machine to do the work. This not only reduces mess, but saves time and creates a safer, more efficient lab environment.


• CE Certified

• Low operating costs allow users to save both time and money.

• Industrial strength touchscreen display and enhanced ATS software.

• Adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of equipment and sample holder sizes.

• Suitable for use in Asphalt, Injection Molding, and Organic Chemistry applications.

• Fully automatic: saves valuable lab time by removing the need to hand clean equipment or monitor cleaning.

• Destroys even trace residues of organic contaminants, leaving lab equipment ultra clean for critical testing.

• Reduces or eliminates the costs of hazardous waste material disposal, the dangers of glass breakage, and the overall mess associated with manual equipment cleaning.

• Language options include English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

• Developed utilizing more than 50 years of process heating and materials testing industry experience.

Product Specifications

Cleaning Temperature - User adjustable, factory setting 900°F

Electrical Power - 240 V, 60Hz., Single Phase

Safety Controls - High temp switch

Weight - 380 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions - 37.85” wide x 59.3” high x 32.8” deep

Oven Capacity - 14.88” wide x 16” high x 18.5” deep (2.5 cubic foot)

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