• Long term hydrostatic pressure test apparatus for testing to ASTM D1598 and similar specifications
  • Each manifold individually regulated, and includes a pressure gauge showing manifold pressure
  • Each station includes shutoff valve, and a leak detector, which controls a time meter and indicator light
  • Stations per pressure manifold: 6
  • Pressure manifolds: 4
  • Total number of stations: 24
  • Pressure Range: 0-500 psi.

Other configurations and pressure ranges available, contact us for more options.

Series 1820 Pressure Supply System

  • For use with Series 1815 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Apparatus
  • Mounted in cabinet of Series 1815 Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Series 1816 Conditioning Bath

  • Stainless steel inner liner with painted steel outer shell
  • Includes re-circulating system and temperature control system
  • Maximum Temperature: 80o C
  • Specimen Bulkheads:  24
  • Specimen Trays: 2, 12 position
  • Internal Dimensions: 30 in. W. x 48 in. L. x 42 in. H
  • Water Depth: 36 in.
  • External Dimensions: 37 in. W. x 77 in. L. x 49 in. H

Other Sizes Available!

Series 1815 Pressure Test System

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