Designed for use with ATS high temperature furnaces and testing systems, the ATS series 4408 high temperature, slide entry extensometer with signal conditioner is capable of extremely accurate measurement.

All models of the 4408 extensometer incorporate a dual fixture design, providing a rugged unit for long life. Extensometers include extra high purity alumina ceramic rods with conical points (silicon carbide rods optional), radiation shields, mounting brackets for use with ATS furnaces, and water cooling ports.

The ATS 4408 extensometer is designed to work in conjunction with a variety of ATS furnace systems, including the low profile series 3330 tensile furnace.  For other applications these extensometers can be mated with any number of ATS furnaces to achieve the required temperature for your testing needs.

Set up ease is one of the outstanding features of these extensometers.  The extensometer is supported and held in place by an adjustable spring arrangement that makes mounting a simple task.  All include a zero sitting pin (to maintain an accurate initial gage length) and overtravel stops.


Temperature Range Max 2400oF (1300oC) with alumina rods
Spring Force Adjustable to approx 600 grams
Output 3 mV/V nominal
Excitation 10VDC typical
Ceramic Rods Alumina with conical points


Options and Accessories

  • 4 range strain gage signal conditioner with 0-10 VDC output for recorder
  • Variations of the conical point specimen contacts (vee chisel points or curved vee chisel points)
  • Setra ceramic rod set with mounting screws
  • Special mounting configurations

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