ATS Elastomeric Extensometers are designed to translate the linear strain induced in a specimen by a load to rotation that is measured by a pair of optical encoders.  The extensometer may be equipped with adjustable knife edges or cone points to fit a variety of specimen dimensions.  The gage platforms are hinged and spring loaded, permitting them to be held open for ease of loading.

When mated with ATS Extensometer Module, the combined system becomes a versatile tool for measuring large displacements with a high degree of accuracy and resolution.  The module provides instant selection of four ranges with full scale voltage at 0.2 in., 2.0 in., 20 in., and 40 in. In addition, the extensometer module has a digital readout that has zero capability at any point as well as a peak value hold memory.  The output polarity to a recording device may be easily switched from the front panel.


Gage Length 1 or 2 inches
Maximum Range 24 inches
Accuracy ± 1% range

Digital Strain Module: Series 4400-E

4 ranges

0-10 VDC output Full scale

Digital display

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