Aluminum Tar Still— H-1871

Used with H-2290 for determining water in crude petroleum, tars and derivatives of those materials. Cover has 1 tubulure. Dimensions: 3-1/2" (89mm) ID x 6" (152mm) Inside depth. 1 qt. (0.9 liter) capacity. Cast aluminum. Meets ASTM D95, D370, D1461, AASHTO T55, T59, T83, T110.


Aluminum Alloy Still— H-2345

Used with H-2285 for identifying cationic emulsions and as a container to determine water content and residue by distillation and evaporation. Cover has 3 tubulures (2 drilled 10/18 and 1 drilled 24/40), 3-3/4" (95mm) ID x 9-1/2" (241mm) inside depth. Meets ASTM D95, D244,
AASHTO T55, T59, T110.


Aluminum Alloy Still— H-2346

Same as H-2345, except cover has 4 tubulures (3 drilled 10/18 and 1 drilled 24/40)


Glass Tube Stopper— H-2345TS

Glass Tube Stopper


Thermometer Stopper— H-2345TTS

Thermometer Stopper


Ring Burner— H-1876

Can be used with all gases. 4-3/4" (121mm) ID x 5-1/2" (140mm) OD. Overall shank length is 11" (279mm) with 3/8" (10mm) serrated hose connection. Guide pins keep burner equidistant around still. Fletcher attachment regulates gas and air. Meets ASTM D244, AASHTO T59.


Distillation Shield— H-1940

Use with H-1880. Flanged, open-end, stainless steel cylinder with 1/8" ceramic lining and two-part cover. For use with 500ml flask. Flame distillation only. Meets ASTM D402, AASHTO T78.


Flame Shield— H-1945

Use with H-1880. Stainless steel, spot-welded cone 2" (51mm) dia. at bottom with spring clip to fit 7/16" to 5/8" (11 to 16mm) burner tubes. Meets ASTM D402, AASHTO T78.


Burner Chimney— H-1946

Fits standard 4" (102mm) rings.


Connecting Tube Shield— H-2330

For use with H-2285 and H-2290. Stainless steel. Meets ASTM D244, AASHTO T59.


Condenser Jacket— H-2340

For use with H-2285 and H-2290. Brass, 15" long inlet/outlet tubulures on opposite sides of jacket. Meets ASTM D244, AASHTO T59.


Still Cleaner— H-2348

Use with H-1871 and H- 2345. Tool to remove residue from interior of still, 13" x 4" (328 x 101mm) dia.


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