Humboldt Ductility Machine

The H-1068X is a three-speed machine designed for Standard and Force Ductility tests. The unit tests three briquets simultaneously and its DC, direct-drive motor maintains constant speed, entirely vibration-free. Speeds of 1/4, 1 or 5cm per minute are selected via lever shift on mechanical gear box.

A single brass lead screw mounted above water level prevents agitation of water and premature rupture of specimens. A traveling pointer adjusts to zero starting position and indicates exact position of carriage on a linear centimeter scale attached to trough‘s front edge. Maximum carriage travel (elongation) is 150cm with an automatic stop.

The Unit has a stainless steel interior with an overflow connection, and a baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior. Gears are bronze or brass; all other parts are solid brass to prevent rusting. Finned stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom provide efficient thermal transfer. Includes a 6' (183cm) cord, feed-through switch and 3-prong plug. Includes 3 standard H-1080 briquet molds with H-1090 plates.
Trough overall dimension: 11-3/4 x 74 x 6-3/8"H.
H-1068PC Plastic Cover is recommended to maintain constant tank temperatures.
Shipping wt. 350 lbs. (159 kg)


Humboldt Ductility Machine, 110V 60Hz— H-1068X


Humboldt Ductility Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1068X.5F


Temperature Controlled Ductility Machine

The H-1068 Ductility machine takes our H-1068X machine and adds a circulating temperature control unit. Solid-state thermostatically controlled bath and circulator maintain water temperature within a ± 0.18°F (± 0.1°C). All features identical to the H-1068X. Includes three H-1080 molds. H-1068PC Plastic Cover is recommended to maintain constant tank temperatures. Shipping wt. 430 lbs. (195 kg)

Manual: H-1068_-_Ductility_Testing_Machine.pdf


Temperature Controlled Ductility Machine, 110V 60Hz— H-1068


Temperature Controlled Ductility Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1068.5F


Circulating Temperature Controller

The H-1068C Circulating Temperature Controller is designed for use with the H-1068X Ductility Machine. It provides a solid-state, thermostatically controlled bath and circulator to maintain water temperature within a ± 0.9°F (± 0.5°C).


Circulating Temperature Controller, 110V 60Hz— H-1068C


Circulating Temperature Controller, 220V 50Hz— H-1068C.5F


Clear Cover for Ductility Machine— H-1068PC

Temperature control cover made from clear Plexiglas. Can be used with all ductility machines. Shipping wt. 40 lbs (18kg), (cannot ship via UPS)


Basic Ductility Machine

The H-1050 is a three-speed machine designed for Standard and Force Ductility tests. The unit is a lower cost machine, identical to the H-1068X except that it does not include the baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior or the thermal finned stainless steel tubes in the bottom for enhanced thermal transfer. Shipping wt. 200 lbs. (90.7 kg)

Manual: H-1050_-_Ductility_Machine.pdf


Basic Ductility Machine, 110V 60Hz— H-1050


Basic Ductility Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1050.5F


Electronic-controlled Ductility Machine

Same machine as the Basic H-1050, but includes a solid-state speed controller, which continually adjusts feedback to maintain even and proper speed. Direct drive 1/40 HP DC motor pulls carriage at 1/4, 1 or 5cm/min.


Electronic-controlled Ductility Machine, 110V 60Hz— H-1075


Electronic-controlled Ductility Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1075.5F


Single-speed Ductility Machine

Same machine as the Basic H-1050, but operates only at one speed: 5cm/min. Machine uses a direct drive 1/75 HP AC motor.

Manual: H-1070_-_Ductility_Machine.pdf

Single-speed Ductility Machine, 110V 60Hz— H-1070


Single-speed Ductility Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1070.5F


Refrigerated Machine, 220V 60Hz

This Refrigerated Ductility Machine features the H-1050 machine mounted into a polypropylene bath designed for use with sodium chloride solutions. The heavy-gauge, enamel-finish steel cabinet is fully-insulated and the sealed space between the inner and outer walls protects the low-thermal conductivity properties of the foam and fiberglass combination (tested and proven to have the best K factor). High-capacity pump assures positive circulation in bath to give close temperature control. Three-direction flow regulation is handled with flow cut-off valves that engage when equilibrium is reached.Sensitive magnetic setting transistorized electronic relay control panel for heat and refrigeration maintains temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 86°F (30°C) by 0.1°F (0.1°C). Cabinet is 90 x 41 x 23". Includes 3 H-1080 molds.

Manual: H-1060_-_Refrigerated.pdf


Refrigerated Machine, 220V 60Hz— H-1060.2F


Refrigerated Machine, 220V 50Hz— H-1060.5F

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