Universal Penetrometer— H-1200

Direct-reading instrument for precision penetration measurements of bituminous materials, cement, petrolatum and waxes, as well as food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Unit has 5" diameter indicator dial, graduated in 400 divisions of 0.1mm, corresponding to 40mm penetration. Zero preset to eliminate errors. Includes 47.5g plunger with 3.2mm hole, and two loading weights (50g and 100g). Overall dim. 10-1/2" x 13" x 22" (266.7 x 330.2 x 558.8mm). Meets ASTM D5, D217, D1168, D1191, D1321, D1403, D1831, D1855; AASHTO T49, T187 and others.

Manual: H-1200,_H-1250_Penetrometers.pdf


Grease Penetrometer—H-2510

Grease Penetrometer: Model H-1200 penetrometer with H-2520 grease cone
Shpg. wt. 30lbs. (13.6kg)


Special Application Penetrometers—H-1202

Battery Paste Penetrometer: Model H-1200 penetrometer with H-1255 battery paste cone
Shpg. wt. 30lbs. (13.6kg)


Electric Penetrometer— H-1240

Takes our H-1200 Universal Penetrometer and adds an automatic digital timer to it. The timer's release mechanism is switchable between seconds minutes, or hours. Timer may be set in 1/10th second intervals. Plunger releases with push of a button, and automatically stops after the preset time duration. H-1240.5F adds a voltage adapter and internal switch on the timing mechanism to change cycle to 50Hz.
Shipping wt. 32 lbs. (14.5kg)

Manual: H-1240_Penetrometer.pdf


Electric Penetrometer, 230V 60Hz— H-1240.4F

230V 50/60Hz version of the H-1240 Electric Penetrometer

Manual: H-1240_Penetrometer.pdf


Digital Penetrometer— H-1240D

The H-1240D Penetrometer adds a digital gauge to the H-1240 electric penetrometer to provide precise at-a-glance readings, as well as the ability to automatically start a test with a button push and have the test end after a preset duration. Shipping wt. 32 lbs. (14.5kg)


Digital Penetrometer, 230V 60Hz— H-1240D.4F

230V 60Hz version of the H-1240D Digital Penetrometer

Manual: H-1240_-_Penetrometer.pdf


Portable Penetrometer— H-1250

Lighter and smaller than H-1200 for field work, unit’s micrometer adjusts for accurate settings as well as coarse adjustment for approximate settings. Only one additional 50g loading weight is included. Overall dim. 7" x 7" x 16" (178 x 178 x 406mm). Shipping wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg)

Manual: H-1200,_H-1250_Penetrometers.pdf


Special Application Penetrometer—H-1252

Portable Grease Penetrometer: Model H-1250 penetrometer with H-2520 grease cone
Shpg. wt. 8lbs. (3.6kg)

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