Portable - Accurate - Rugged

This innovative patented test system:
  • Weighs under 350 pounds.
  • Transports easily in a small truck or minivan.
  • Exceeds all FHWA & AASHTO specifications.
  • Provides automatic testing and data acquisition.
  • Extracts the specimen with the touch of a button.
  • Has rugged industrial electronics and durable
  • tubular aluminum frame.
  • Produces gyration from within the mold.
  • Holds the mold angle with no moving parts.


The Brovold Gyratory Compactor is a truly portable gyratory compactor for mobile applications.  This completely self-contained test system weighs less than 350 pounds.  It operates with 110 Volt power, requiring less than 12 Amps. Rugged...
Durable industrial electronics, tubular aluminum frame construction, and the exceptional stiffness of the aluminum retaining cylinder allow transportation of this system for testing with no loss of system safety, integrity, or accuracy. Easy to Operate...
The complete test cycle is run by pushing one button on the operator interface panel.  Using the same hydraulic cylinder which provides the testing load, the specimen is extracted with the touch of a button.  The mold may be loaded with asphalt while it is in the compactor.

Pine-Pave Software...
All compactor are supplied with user-friendly Pine-Pave Software.  This PC-based software package utilizes Microsoft Excel® templates to assist the asphalt technician with volumetric mix design as described in the SuperpaveT mixture design specifications.  Pine-Pave also provides easy data retrieval from the compactor, performs volumetric calculations, and displays test results.

Power Requirements: 105-125 VAC/60 Hz, 12 Amps or
200-240 VAC/50 Hz, 6 Amps or
200-240 VAC/60 Hz, 6 Amps.
Size (approx.): 54.1cm wide x 76.2cm deep x 140.7cm high 
(21.3 inches W. x 30 inches D. x 55.4 inches H.)
Weight (approx.): Approximately 159kg (350 lbs)
Operational Parameters
  • Designed for contractor use or as a space-saving fixed lab unit.
  • Instant in-place specimen extrusion.
  • Angle of gyration set at 1.25 degrees.
Serial port for transfer of compaction data directly to an external computer, or serial printer.

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