The Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master models are ideal for particle size determinations of crushed stone, sand and gravel, slag, ores, wood-chips and similar coarse materials. Samples are quickly processed into as many as seven separations in as little as three to five minutes. Typical batch sizes up to one cubic foot (0.028m3) or more vary with material type. For over sixty five years Gilson has manufactured the Testing Screen and Test-Master with vibration speed and amplitude characteristics fixed at optimum for mineral aggregates in the 4" (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm) size range. Both the Testing Screen and Test-Master are often
used with fine mesh sizes down to #200 on larger samples when less efficient separation is acceptable. Low-Amplitude Drive Shafts and Speed Variation Accessories are available to optimize machine performance when testing finer samples or special materials.
The same, independently removable Screen Trays are shared by both the Testing Screen and Test-Master model lines and feature generous 2.33 ft3 (0.22 m3) clear screen area. Screen Trays are available in a wide range of opening sizes with ASTM E 11, ISO 565 specification cloth or punched steel plate. Screen cloth is replaceable, insuring long life and inexpensive
maintenance of trays. Trays with No. 5 and finer cloth have special lateral support ribs. Supporting backup cloth is available at extra cost. A number of different Dustpan Tray configurations are available featuring increased
capacity, reduced dust output or continuous dispensing of fines into external pan or bag. Other accessories, such as Sand Attachments,
Tray Racks and Clean-N-Weigh systems are
interchangeable between the Testing Screen and Test-Master, insuring flexibility in labs with multiple units. See the "related items" listings for complete list of accessories available. TESTING SCREEN
  • High Capacity Screening for Large Samples
  • Enclosed Drive Mechanism for Safety
  • Sturdy Feet Designed for Permanent Mounting
Hydraulic clamping of the TS-1 and hand-operated clamping of the TS-2 are the only differences between these two rugged, basic units. TS-1 trays are easily secured in place by a few quick
strokes of the hydraulic pump handle. The TS-1 model is primarily recommended for labs where testing is performed on a regular basis. Both the TS-1 and TS-2 Testing Screens are designed to be mounted to a solid, rigid floor system. Securing with anchor bolts to a concrete floor is recommended. Dimensions for anchor bolt placement
are available from Gilson on request.
TS-1 and TS-2 models will accommodate up to six screen trays if the Dustpan is placed in a stationary position in the bottom of the cabinet. Five coarse series Screen Trays and one Dustpan Tray are included with the Testing
Screen. Please specify desired Screen Tray sizes when ordering. A protective cover completely encloses the drive mechanism for added safety. The powerful 1/2-HP capacitor-type motor
is operated through a starting switch with built in overload protection. Overall dimensions are 23x31x43” (584x787x1092mm).

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