• Counterbalanced Mechanism for Smooth Operation
  • Portable and Relocates Easily for Mobile Applications
  • Easy to Handle Smaller Screens Still Process Larger Samples than Round Sieves
Gilson's Porta-Screen® has long been the accepted standard portable screen for field control of construction aggregates and quality control of asphalt and ready mix plants. Designed for best separation in the 2" (50.8mm) to No. 16 (1.18mm) range, it is often used with smaller meshes to No. 200 (75µm). Porta-Screens are also useful for size separations of many other materials. Capacity depends on test material, but may range up to 60 lb (27.3kg) per test. Model PS-3 holds 5 screen trays and pan. Model PS-4 is similar but holds seven trays and pan to permit 2 added mesh sizes per test. Vibration of both models is mechanically counterbalanced for smooth, stable operation; no mounting is required. A built-in UL-approved timer has LED display of remaining test time and issues a 5-sec. audible alarm at zero. Timer resets to repeat times which can be programmed up to 59 min., 59 sec. A feature allows interruptions without loss of test time. Trays have 14x14" (356x356mm) screen area minus partial openings—mesh sizes No. 4 and larger have metal shields around edges to cover partial openings for accuracy of separations.
Porta-Screen models are designed for performance durability, yet are light enough to be portable. Trays are quickly secured for operation by dual hand clamp levers. When levers are released, trays are individually-removable for convenient emptying, cleaning, and weighing operations. Trays with wire cloth in the No. 16 to No. 80 (1.00mm to 180µm) range have three added support ribs. No. 100 (150µm) and finer trays are supplied with backup cloth support. Replaceable mesh is available in all sizes. Cloth No. 4 and larger is steel; fine mesh is stainless steel. Trays measure 16.0x16.5x3.0" (406x419x76mm), WxDxH. Tray Shipping Data: 11 lb (0.5kg); Cu. Ft.: 0.6. The Porta-Screen vibrating assembly is held top and bottom on hardened guide pins riding in ball bushings. The 1/4-HP motor, eccentric drive shaft, and connecting rod are synchronized by timing belt to the contra-rotating weight counterbalance system. All are enclosed by the enameled steel protective outer case. Before use, the machine is quickly leveled by foot tab adjustment of the three support legs while watching an indicator bubble on the top frame. Several convenience accessories are available for the Porta-Screen. Model PSA-114 Porta Wheels may be attached for added mobility. Ball-bearing wheel assemblies with rubber tires are predrilled for quick attachment to frame of Porta-Screen. The Porta Cover PSA-312 bolts to the top flange to enclose the sample chamber. It has a latch, and is hinged to open for introduction of samples. Model PSA-367 Porta-Pan is helpful in emptying and cleaning trays and in weighing operations. This 17x30x4" (432x762x102mm), WxLxD chute-end pan is sized to fit inverted trays and to hold entire samples for cumulative weighing. Handling is easy with the top swing-away handle and end handle grip.

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