The Elcometer P100 is a robust and economical gauge designed to identify the location and orientation of reinforcement bars, metal gas and metal water pipes. Mild steel and stainless steel galvanised wall ties can also be found with the addition of an optional Search Coil (or probe). Simple to use, the Elcometer P100 is supplied in an ABS plastic carrying case, together with a 100mm (4") search coil and batteries.
  • Fast and accurate - gives a loud audible signal when the exact location of the rebar has been found.
  • Directional Search field - distinguishes between horizontal and vertical bars - see diagram
  • No need to re-zero - Unaffected by moisture, temperature changes and electrical interference.

Rebar Diameter Detection Depth
mm inches mm inches
8 0.32 90 3.5
16 0.63 100 3.9
32 1.25 110 4.3


Model Description Part Number
Elcometer P100 Elcometer P100 Imp Rebar Locator W100157A9D
Accessories 100mm (4") Directional Search Coil for Rebar TW999198F
200mm (8") Hi-Depth Locator Search Coil - Short-handled (250mm/9.8") TW999198G
200mm (8") Hi-Depth Locator Search Coil - Long-handled (650mm/25.5") TW999198H

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