Locating steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures. Damage caused when a drill or a fastener makes contact with a pipe is costly. A drill making contact with rebar or tendon ducts, however, not only destroys the drill bit but also can lead to serious structural damage. Before carrying out any maintenance work, it is vital to identify the location, orientation and depth of sub-surface metalwork. Elcometer has three covermeters in their range, these are listed below:


This simple to use gauge quickly and accurately locates, orientates and measures the depth of cover over reinforcement bars. Designed to meet IP65 this rugged waterproof gauge, supplied with a backlight as standard, can be used in the harshest of environments. Measuring concrete cover thickness with unparalleled accuracy the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B is an entry level gauge for users who simply want to identify and measure the depth of the rebar.

  • Accurately measure concrete cover thickness - the large graphics display clearly indicates the depth of cover; a signal strength indicator bar and variable tone speaker also identify when you are nearing rebar.
  • Precise, rapid and easy location of bar direction - Simply rotate the detection probe to quickly and precisely find the direction of the reinforcement bar. The Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B can even locate and measure welded mesh fabrications.
  • Easy to use - a fully menu driven gauge, in many languages, helps the user quickly navigate around the functions of the instrument.
  • Single handed operation - The unique 4 key search heads from Elcometer allow almost all functions to be accessed whilst measuring.
  • International bar sizes - the user can quickly select either Metric, Japanese and ASTM/Canadian bar sizes, or standard bar numbers for the USA.
  • Continuous inspection 24 hours a day - each gauge is supplied with a quick release battery pack and charger. When the low-battery warning is displayed, simply replace the battery pack. Battery packs can be charged both inside or outside the gauge - allowing maximum usage of the instrument whilst on site.

Following the Elcometer philosophy of flexibility, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Covermeters have a wide range of optional accessories to meet many specialist needs:

  • Identify subsequent layers of rebars & tendon ducts - connected to our Borehole Probe the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B is able to detect rebars or tendon ducts behind layer after layer of rebar up to 100cm (40") deep.
  • Measure in a wide range of congested situations - using the optional Narrow Pitch Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B can measure close to corners, castellated concrete surfaces, and pre-cast concrete units. Reinforced cages in concrete pipes can also be investigated.
  • Extended Measurement Range - using the Deep Cover Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B's measurement range can be extended to 180 mm (7") of concrete cover.


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