Incorporating all the features and functionality of the Model B and Model S Covermeters, the Model T comes with the additional ability to store in excess of 65,000 readings in either individual batches or multiple spreadsheet (grid) style batch surveys. The ease of use of the Model T is not compromised by this additional functionality. The Elcometer Protovale 331 Covermeter range is controlled using a simple menu structure which helps the user get the most from the gauge, quickly and efficiently. With the inclusion of CoverMaster® Software with each Elcometer Protovale 331 Model T, individual batches can be set up using the CoverMaster® PC Wizard and uploaded into the gauge for immediate surveying.


  • Linear and Grid data logging - the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model T has two data logging methods:
  • Linear - where data is simply stored in a batch, one reading after another; and
  • o Grid - where data is stored in a spreadsheet format each cell relating to a survey square marked out on the concrete.
  • User definable 'pitch scales' - unlike other covermeters, the size of each survey square can be defined by the user.
  • Wide range of batch headers - each batch has a wide range of identification fields for easy data management, these include:
  • Site Name, Site Location, Measurement Location, Engineer's Name, Customer's Name, together with max & min cover limits and batch name. There is an additional field to add a survey note or instruction.

Following the Elcometer philosophy of flexibility, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Covermeters have a wide range of optional accessories to meet many specialist needs:

  • Identify subsequent layers of rebars & tendon ducts - connected to our Borehole Probe the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model T is able to detect rebars or tendon ducts behind layer after layer of rebar up to 100cm (40") deep.
  • Measure in a wide range of congested situations - using the optional Narrow Pitch Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model T can measure close to corners, castellated concrete surfaces, and pre-cast concrete units. Reinforced cages in concrete pipes can also be investigated.
  • Extended Measurement Range - using the Deep Cover Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model T's measurement range can be extended to 180 mm (7") of concrete cover.


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