IntelliCure II

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intelliCure sets the new standard in concrete curing boxes. Cylinders are automatically kept at a preset temperature. Since cylinders are immersed in water, intelliCure can provide an ideal environment for the entire curing cycle of acceptance (i.e. 28 day, pay) cylinders.

Patent Pending Innovations

Even temperature distribution is a common problem in concrete curing tanks. Impeller (pump) type circulation systems can be a maintenance headache so most commercially available systems use stagnant water. The problem with stagnant systems is that the water easily stratifies, easily generating temperature gradients exceeding 10 F from the top to the bottom of the tank. Also, conditioned water gets trapped under the sample rack with the tank’s temperature sensor making the tank appear to be at the specified temperature while the area with the test specimens exhibiting substantial offsets in temperature.

Circulating Water Provides Uniform Temperatures

The intelliCure overcomes these problems by using patent pending bubble plumes to pull the conditioned water up and around the test specimens. This creates extremely uniform temperatures and resulting in ideally cured cylinders, cubes, or beams. The rack that support the specimens is also designed to be more open and free-flowing. Again, enhancing water circulation.

Accurate and Uniform Top to  Bottom

Circulating Water Provides Uniform Temperatures
When break results count, rely on intelliCure! Perfect Curing - Better Breaks!

Designed for Long-Lasting Dependability and Convenience

intelliCure is designed specifically for the construction environment. The unit is rugged and designed for uncompromised performance and reliability.


  • Patent pending water circulation system eliminates hot/cold areas
  • Uniform, Accurate temperature distribution
  • Certified accuracy, tested against NIST standards
  • Bottom Drainage
  • Top overflow Port
  • Preset (adjustable) Temperature Control (73°F, +/- 3°)
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Stainless Steel Rack
  • Heating and Cooling System


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