The original Press-Ur-Meter for field and laboratory tests, 1/4-cu.-ft. (.007m[sup]3[/sup]) air meter is designed to determine air content, determination of specific gravity and free moisture test of aggregates. Designed to save time, reduce water used, ensure accuracy and maintain sample integrity (sample may be used for slump and compression tests). Features built-in, all-brass H-2785.DB super pump. Furnished with all necessary accessories for calibration and operation and carrying case. Overall height: 20-1/2" (521mm). Shipping wt. 36 lbs. (16.4kg)
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Press-Ur-Meter– H-2786C

Economy model similar to H-2786 except that the needle valve, the air release lever and the handles on the pressure chamber have been eliminated. A third petcock has been added for pressure release. This model comes with a plastic carrying case.


Humboldt Pressure Meter—ML-2783

Easy-to-use stainless clamping system employs four, one-piece, self-locking clamps to seal lid to base with proper tension. O-ring assures watertight seal. Easy-to-read (to nearest 1/10th %) 4-inch diameter direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments. Features all-brass H-2785.DB super pump for reliability and faster operation. Unique pop-it valve eliminates seal failures. Complete with high-impact horizontal plastic carrying case, syringe, tamping rod, strike-off bar, calibration vessel, inside and outside calibration tubes and instructions.
Manual: Humboldt Pressure Meter - ML-2783


Plastic Air Meter Calibrator— ML-2788

Calibrator checks the accuracy of any pressure-type concrete air meter. Set the specially designed canister upright at the bottom of the water-filled base, and the meter should read 5% air by volume. Two calibrators will check 10% air reading. Dimensions: 4" dia. x 3-3/4" (102 x 95mm).

Brass Air Meter Calibrator— ML-2789

Same concept as calibrator above, this model is constructed from machined brass for greater durability.


Super Pump for Press-Ur-Meter Type B– H-2785.DB

The Super Pump’s all brass construction resists acids in cement. All parts, including valve, are replaceable. For use with all Type B air meters.

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