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The pi Peak Load Indicator is a simple, low cost indicator that measures peak load. Load rate indication is available as an option for those applications that require accurate indication of load rate. The pi Peak Load Indicator is ideal for tension, compression and flexure testing on materials testing machines. It is rugged, easy-to-use and the pi's accuracy exceeds ASTM E4 requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Measuring peak load in tension or compression
  • Measuring pull-out or press-in forces
  • Concrete cylinder testing
  • Cement cube testing
  • Beam flexure testing
  • Remote on-site testing
  • Proof load testing

pi Peak Load Indicator features:

  • Display live load and peak load numerically.
  • Optional load rate indication in force units per second.
  • Load and load rate can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Select engineering units of Lb, N, KN, and Kg.
  • Software programmable calibration with password protection (No potentiometers to adjust.).
  • Calibration is stored in permanent nonvolatile memory.
  • Accuracy exceeds ASTM E4.
  • Resolution greater than 1 part in 8,000,000 (23-bits).
  • End of test sample break detector set for 50% of peak load.
  • Start test threshold set in firmware.
  • Auto-Test-Reset automatically enables the indicator for the start of the next test without requiring operator interaction.
  • 0.38" high characters and a 60 degree sloped face for easy viewing.
  • Rugged keypad overlay with tactile keys and non-glare non-scratch screen.
  • Compatible with full bridge strain gage load cells and pressure transducers.
  • LVDT type transducers require optional LVDT conditioning module.

Technical Specifications

Load Input Compatibility

Sensitivity: +/- 4.2 mv/V standard (other input ranges optional)
Excitation: 10 Vdc standard, 5 Vdc optional
Accuracy:  pi Indicator plus transducer-better than0.5% from 1% of full scale to full scale(exceeds ASTM E4).

Resolution:  1 part in 8,000,000 (23-bits)

CMRR: 125db
Connection: DB15 Female


Type:  Transflective Liquid Crystal Display1 line x 16 characters
Character Height: 3/8 inches
No of Digits for Load: 8
No of Digits for Load Rate: 5 (optional)


3-keys each with tactile dome
Key activation life greater than 2,000,000 cycles

Power Requirements

Voltage: 12-15 Vdc unregulated-supplied via modular 120 VAC 60Hz wall transformer (standard).Optional battery pack available.

Current: 120ma      Product Details:

Model No  
PI: pi Peak Load Indicator
PI-R: pi Peak Load Indicator with Rate display
(Includes modular 120 VAC 60Hz wall transformer)


Pressure Transducers:  1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 psiincludes cable pre-wired for the pi Indicator.

Load Cells of various capacities
Battery Pack for remote operation
LVDT Conditioning ModuleFront Panel

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