The Precise Digital Controller is designed for manual or servo-equipped tension and com-pression testing machines. It is a presettable unit that simplifies materials testing and re-quires
a minimum amount of training. The Pre-cise features load, crosshead position and strain inputs plus enhanced closed-loop servo capabilities for accurate and repeatable test-ing.

The Precise is an inexpensive and easier-to-use alternative to PC/Windows based materi-als testing systems. It can store three test procedures in memory so that the operator can perform a variety of tests quickly and error free.


Standard Features:

  • Indicate load, load rate, position, position rate, strain, strain rate.
  • Plot load, position or strain real-time.
  • Save and recall three test procedures for accurate and repeatable testing.
  • Password protected supervisor/operator modes al-low test procedures to be locked under password so they cannot be changed inadvertently.
  • Calculate key test parameters such as Peak Load/ Stress, Offset Yield, Yield EUL, Modulus of Elastic-ity, Percent Elongation at Break and more.
  • Calculate high, low, mean and standard deviation for a group of tests.
  • Store up to 350 test results per test procedure to permanent memory. Test results include Date, Time, Specimen ID#, Specimen Area and Length plus all calculated test parameters.
  • Generate hardcopy printouts of Group Test Reports and Single Test Reports which include an XY plot on an HP PCL5 compatible printer (ie.HP Deskjet/ LaserJet).
  • Use the WinCom Plus Data Communications Program to download test results and XY data to a remote com-puter for import into common spreadsheet and data-base programs. Plot multiple test curves on the same set of graph axes.
  • Configure up to a 3 segment control profile with soft-ware selectable control channels that can be changed on the fly. Includes PID compensation.
  • Integral emergency stop and start pushbuttons on servo equipped units.
  • Select between English, Metric and SI engineering units.
  • Calibrate up to 6 load cells and 6 extensometers with piecewise linear fit between points for maximum ac-curacy. All calibrations are password protected.
  • Calibrations exceed ASTM E4/E83 accuracy require-ments and feature high resolution and fast sampling rates in a simple proven design.
  • Includes signal conditioning and excitation for a strain gauge load cell, pressure transducer or extensom-eter and a digital position encoder. Optionally, an LVDT conditioner can be supplied for AC extensometers.

Technical Specifications:

Load and Strain Input Compatibility

Full Bridge Strain Gage Transducers:
Sensitivity: User selectable from 1mv/Excitation: 4.5 or 9 Vdc
High Level Input:
Range: +/- 4.5 Vdc
Resolution: > 1 part in 100,000

Crosshead Position Input Compatibility

Type: Incremental Encoder
Counter Resolution: 32-bit
Input Frequency: 1 MHz max.
Inputs: TTL Line Driver
Excitation: 5 V

Analog X-Y Recorder Compatibility

Range: 0-10V @ 5 ma max.
Resolution: 14-bit

Servo Control Output

Unit employs PID control algorithm
Range: +/-10V @ 5 ma max.
Resolution: 12-bit

Printer Compatibility

Uses Hewlet Packard PCL5 Printer
Control Langauge. Centronics parallel
port interface required.
HP DeskJet
HP LaserJet

Upper Display

4 line x 20 character LCD - 0.38" high
Includes LED backlight.

Lower Display

5.25" Graphic Display
Blue/White with CFL backlight

Power Requirements

85-265 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Consumption: 40 Watts

Applications include testing:

  • plastics
  • film
  • textiles
  • nonwovens
  • rubber
  • adhesives
  • metals
  • wire
  • plus a variety of products.

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