Concrete RH/Moisture Meter Kit with BluePeg Sensor

Relative Humidity and Moisture Meter Test Kit for concrete slab provides compliance with ASTM F2170-02 standard. Kit consists of Meter, (1) Reusable RH Blue Peg Sensor, (10) RH sleeves, cable and case. Experts recommend the RH test as the most reliable in-depth measuring method for concrete moisture available today. The RH BluePeg System Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point. The RH Blue-Peg uses a single microchip, factory calibrated to NIST standards. Each BluePeg comes with a NIST traceable certificate. The HC-3000 Kit includes one Reuseable RH BluePeg Sensor and a meter designed for Contractors, Floor Covering Installers and Restoration. In Scan Mode, the Meter has a calibration built-in for comparative readings of concrete and sheetrock. For all other building materials the reference scale can be used to identify moisture. In RH Mode, this meter can also be connected to the RH BluePeg sensor for in-situ measurements that conform to ASTM F 2170. Scan Mode Properties:
Resolution: 0.1% for entire measuring range
Measuring Depth: 1/4 or 3/4" deep (7mm and 20 mm)
Reference Scale: 0-99 for non-wood building materials, 0-99 for concrete, 0.4-2.0 for gypsum RH Mode Properties:
RH Range: 0-99%, Temp: 0 to 200 degrees F or -15 to 95 degrees C.

Concrete RH/Moisture Meter Kit with BluePeg Sensor– HC-3000


Concrete Encounter for Moisture Testing

The Concrete Encounter is a hand-held electronic moisture meter, which uses non-destructive impedance measurement to determine moisture levels in concrete floor. The Concrete Encounter will give you an instant reading of moisture content to over 6% for concrete and 0-10 comparative for gypsum floor screeds, enabling you to make an informed decision on when to install floor coverings. Designed to be used on clean, dust-free slabs, just switch on and press the instrument firmly against the floor surface. Readings are the read directly from the analog meter. Coplanar electrodes with spring-loaded contacts enhance signal depth and sensitivity to a depth of .5" (12.5mm).

Concrete Encounter for Moisture Testing– HC-2990

Moisture Meter and Thermo-Hygrometer

Advanced Moisture/Humidity meter measures the moisture content, relative humidity, temperature and dew point of concrete and gypsum flooring. The meter enables you to carry out four individual tests:
Moisture content of concrete or gypsum flooring Relative humidity, temperature and dew point of floor environment Below surface, In-situ measurements of Relative humidity, temperature and dew point per ASTM F2170-02 Relative humidity, temperature and dew point above floor surface using RH hood test method BS 5325-2001 & 8202-2001 Moisture Mode: Measures concrete from 0 to 7% moisture, 0 to 12 (comparative) for anhydride and gypsum screeds and 0 to 100 reference. Hygrometer Mode/RH Mode: Measures 5 to 98% RH, 14 to 120°F (-10 to 50°C) and 0.1% RH 1°C/F. Can store 900 readings in 30 files, large LCD display, RS232 port. Power supply is 9 volt PP3 lithium manganese battery. Includes meter, software and PC cable.

Moisture Meter and Thermo-Hygrometer– HC-2991

Moisture Meter and Thermo-Hygrometer

Kit includes: a HC-2991 Moisture and Humidity Meter with Software and PC Cable, Two Relative Humidity Probes, RH Probe Calibration Check Solution with Sleeve, Pack of twelve RH Sleeves, and optional instant read Infrared Surface Thermometer.
Use to perform ASTM F2170-02 and ASTM F2420-05.


Moisture Meter and Thermo-Hygrometer— HC-2992

RH Sleeves, pack of 12 for use with HC-2992— HC-2991.1

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