Deluxe Concrete Curing Box

Lightweight, portable—74 lbs. (33.6kg)— curing box for concrete cylinders. Plastic construction is rugged, durable and rustproof. Up to 22 standard 6" x 12" (152 x 305mm) test specimens can be stored at 72 ±2°F (22.2 ±1.1°C) over an ambient range of -10 to 100°F (-23 to 37.8°C). Sturdy, 14-gauge steel bottom rack provides optimum water circulation for even curing. Bottom valve for fast drainage. Lockable lid resists tampering. Requires minimum 15 amp circuit. Deluxe model includes recirculating water temperature control unit with temperature set buttons, indicating lights and digital readout for water temperature. Meets ASTM C192, C511, C31; AASHTO M201, T126, T23. Shipping wt. 200lb. (90.9kg)

Economy Concrete Curing Box

Same as above except that it only has heating controls, though cooling can be achieved by cool water recirculation if available. Includes adjustable heating control and dial thermometer. Shipping wt. 120lb (54.5kg).

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