Concrete Capping Compound, Flake-Style

50 lb bag of Sauereisen No. 600 sulfur-based, flake-form capping compound melts and sets within minutes. Silica-filled compound has 150 psi bond strength, 9000 psi compressive strength and 605 psi tensile strength. Compound pours between 265 and 290°F (129 to 143°C). Over-heated material‘s viscosity is reinstated by decreasing temperature to 290°F. Meets ASTM C307, C321, C386, C579, C617, D71. Concrete Capping Compound, Flake-Style– H-2959

Concrete Capping Compound, Ingot-Style

50 lb carton of mineral-filled, sulfur-based, ingot-form capping compound. Compressive strength exceeds 6500 psi at 2hrs per ASTM C617. Strength will increase with time. Compound pours between 280 and 300°F (138 to 149°C). Concrete Capping Compound, Ingot-Style– H-2960

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