Cement Immersion Pan

Durable steel pan, 24" x 24" x 3"

Cement Immersion Pan– H-3725


Aluminum funnel, use with all slump cones to assist in filling.

Funnel– H-3638

Tape Measure

16 ft. inch/metric tape measure

Tape Measure– H-4901

Brush, 8" Handle

8-inch acid-proof crete brush

Brush, 8" Handle– H-3639.8

Brush, 20" Handle

20-inch acid-proof crete brush

Brush, 20" Handle– H-3639.20


One-piece aluminum scoop

Scoop– H-3731


Steel blade with wooden handle

Trowel– H-3760

Base Plate

Cast-aluminum base plate firmly holds all slump cone models, permitting one person to conveniently perform test. Base clamps turn down over cone foot lugs to secure entire assembly. Movable handle raises vertically over specimen (after removal of cone) and slump is easily measured with the 6" scale cut into handle end of H-3651 tamping rod.

Base Plate– H-3636

Graduated Tamping Rod

Tamping Rod with 6" scale in 1/4" increments engraved on handle for measuring amount of slump when handle of H-3636 base is raised over specimen.

Graduated Tamping Rod– H-3651

Tamping (Puddling) Rod

Round, straight steel rod for use with concrete cylinder molds, slump cones and unit weight measures. Rod measures 5/8" (16mm) dia. x 24" (600mm) long. Both ends rounded to hemispherical tip. Plated for rust resistance.

Tamping (Puddling) Rod– H-3650

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