Windsor HP Probe System

The Windsor HP Probe System is used to evaluate the compressive strength of in-place concrete. This non-destructive test can be used on fresh or mature concrete with equal effectiveness. The system features an electronic measuring device for accuracy and efficiency. Three individual tests can be automatically averaged and displayed on the LCD in compliance with ASTM procedures. The data, together with time and date of the test can be stored in the memory for uploading to a PC. Two probe and power load types are available: silver probes are used for high performance concrete with strengths up to 17,000 psi (110 MPa) and gold probes for test applications on concrete with less than 3,000 psi (19.4 MPa) strength. The system consists of the drive unit, electronic measuring device, templates, measuring caps, gauge plates and carrying case. Meets ASTM C803 and BS-1881. Probes are not included and must be ordered separately.

Windsor HP Probe System– H-2978

Probe Kit

Each certified probe kit includes 3 probes and 3 matched, nickel-plated power loads. Silver probe kit is for natural stone or coarse aggregate (density greater than 125 lbs/cu ft). Gold probe kit is for lightweight aggregate (less than 125 lbs/cu ft density). Shipping restrictions prohibit overseas sales.

Silver Probe Kit— H-2978.01

Gold Probe Kit— H-2978.03

Windsor HP Pin System

Measures the compressive strength of concrete, mortar and brick in-situ, quickly, accurately. A non-explosive instrument, the Windsor Pin™ System uses a spring-loaded device to drive a steel pin into the concrete or mortar. The depth of penetration of the needle correlates to the compressive strength of the material under test. A removable chuck and a small pin size facilitate the testing of mortar joints; this is the only system for testing the in-place strength of brick mortar joints. Conforms to ASTM C803.

Windsor HP Pin System– HC-2978

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