Dual-Channel, Temperature/Relative Humidity Logger

This self-contained, data logger is housed in a robust, waterproof (IP68-rated) case, which is designed for use in harsh applications like cylinder curing rooms. This small data logger has a high reading accuracy and resolution, large memory capacity, a fast off-load speed and a low battery monitor. Data is downloaded to a computer for viewing, reports and archiving.


Dual-Channel, Temperature/Relative Humidity Logger– H-2736

Temperature/Humidity Logger Software

Software for operating H-2736 data logger, which includes multi language support. This Windows-based program is simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily manage their data loggers and recorded data.

Temperature/Humidity Logger Software– H-2736.SW

Download Cable

A serial PC download cable for use with H-2736 data logger.

Download Cable– H-2736.1

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