Vibrating Table

Cushioned impact vibrating table with load capacity of 300 lbs. (136.1kg) is used to vibrate beam forms, cylinder molds, concrete products and soil specimens. Table deck is 20 x 20" (508 x 508mm). Table vibrates at 3600 vpm. Amplitude or power of vibration is regulated by means of a rheostat in the electrical control circuit. Not supplied with cord and plug due to high wattage consumption requirements—must be connected through electrical conduit and fittings. Meets ASTM C31, C192. Shipping wt. 115 lb.

Vibrating Table, 115V 60Hz— H-3755 Vibrating Table, 230V, 60Hz— H-3755.2F Vibrating Table, 230V, 50Hz— H-3755.5F

Vibration Indicator, Tachometer Type

Precision tachometer is pen size to allow accurate readings even on hard-to-reach equipment. Scale gives readings from 2,000 to 21,000

Vibration Indicator, Tachometer Type– H-3753

Vibration Indicator, Visual Type

Visual indicator gives accurate reading of amplitude of vibration so vibrating table may be adjusted.

Vibration Indicator, Visual Type– H-3754A

Laboratory Vibrator

Laboratory Vibrator. Lightweight square-head model is used for vibrating concrete test cylinders and molds in the laboratory or field. Unit is flexible-shaft type, powered with 3/4 HP electric motor. Shaft is 24" (610mm) long; vibrating head is 1" sq x 13" L (25 x 330mm) with a speed of 10,000 vpm. Meets ASTM C31, C138, C192.

Laboratory Vibrator– H-2999

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