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Shimpo Handheld Tachometers

Shimpo Instruments hand-held tachometers and laser style combination tachometers are used to measure the total number of revolutions that a piece of equipment utilizing reciprocating motion undergoes. Reciprocating motion is a repetitive, up-and-down or back-and-forth motion and is often found in a wide range of mechanisms, including automobile engines. Shimpo’s various tachometer models can measure and record up to 10 different readings for a single piece of equipment and these readings can be displayed to the user in 16 different units of measurement. Shimpo’s hand-held tachometer models are designed for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Measuring General Speed
  • Measuring Conveyor Speed
  • Measuring Fan Speed
  • Providing RPM-based Length Measurements
Shimpo Handheld Tachometer Product Line    
Shimpo DT-209X / DT-209X-S12
Shimpo DT-205L / DT-207L
Shimpo DT-105A-S12 / DT-107A-S12
Shimpo DT-105A / DT-107A
Shimpo DT-205L-S12 / DT-207L-S12

Shimpo Stroboscopes

Shimpo Instruments stroboscopes enable the user to view a cyclically moving object as slow-moving or stationary. This technique is often referred to as “stop motion.” Shimpo stroboscopes utilize features such as “phase-shifting,” which records and illustrates the changes in an object’s plane or axis of motion. The digital display on the stroboscope allows the flash rate (FPM) of the object to be read as rotational speed measurement (RPM). When a handheld tachometer cannot be used, the FPM can also be read on the digital display as reciprocating speed.


Shimpo stroboscopes are often used in industrial and scientific operations and are designed for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Quality Control
  • Motion Analysis
  • Production Line Checks
  • Gear Movement and Engagement Maintenance
  • Propeller and Turbine Maintenance
  • Monitoring Vibrating Parts
  • Oil Leak Checks
Shimpo Stroboscopes Product Line      
Shimpo DT-311D
Shimpo DT-721 / DT-725 / DT-721 / 725 KIT
Shimpo DT-315AEB

Series ST-5100 LED Stroboscope

Shimpo DT-315A
Shimpo Techstrobe
 Series ST-4000 LED Stroboscope
ST-4000 LED Stroboscope

Hand Held Vibration

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Dynamometer / Crane Scales

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