The TV110 vibration tester is an extremely light and portable low cost instrument specifically designed for on site preventive maintenance in your plant or workshop. It measures overall vibration level and provides a frequency analysis of rotating machinery. There are significant benefits in using the TV110 to access the results of repair work. This easy to use instrument requires very little operator training. The integral/removable printer supplies a hard copy of results for interpretation by your engineering department. The TV110 offers more than just accurate readings and easy operation. For more in-depth analysis of a problem the frequency spectrogram is available at the push of a button, giving you enough information to identify problems correctly.


  • Portable vibration analyzer
  • Intergral/removable printer
  • Frequency spectrogram
  • Memory unit

Main Function

  • Measurement of displacement: peak to peak value [mm]
  • Measurement of velocity: peak value [m/s]
  • Measurement of acceleration: peak value [m/sÝ]
  • Large memory of 10 tests
  • Includes a hand-held accelerometer probe with a removable magnetic base
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy-to-read LCD display all functions, parameters, and spectrogram


Acceleration Peak value 199.9 m/s
Acceleration Frequency Range 10 - 10kHz
Velocity Peak value 19.99 m/s
Velocity Frequency Range 10Hz - 1KHz
Displacement: Peak value 1.999 mm
Displacement Frequency Range 10Hz - 500Hz
Operating; Temperature 0-40°C
Power Supply NiMH cell 4 x 1.2V rechargeable
Dimensions 270mm x 86mm x 47mm
Weight 650g
The TV110 includes a handheld accelerometer probe with a removable magnetic base, battery charger and removable printer in a protective carrying case.

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