DT-3015N Portable Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery

DT-3015N Heavy Duty, Portable Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery. The DT-3015N heavy duty, battery powered stroboscope possesses the same great features of the DT-3011N with the added convenience of total portability via its own internal power supply. The quick recharge battery lasts up to three hours of full continuous usage with its high intensity flash rate. The DT-3015N provides power flexibility by utilizing either its rechargeable internal, batteries or AC line-power when plugged into the included AC adapter/charger unit. These features make the DT-3015N ideal for quality inspection and preventive maintenance of automated motion equipment.


  • Internal, fast-charge rechargeable battery supply
  • Aluminum construction provides exceptional durability
  • High polish and focused reflector eliminates "blind" viewing areas
  • External trigger allows unit to be automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Light emission auto-off feature from 1 - 120 min enables extended battery operation
  • Phase shift, set in degrees or ms, allows visual analysis of rotating/reciprocating objects
  • Save up to 5 user configurations to enable switching quickly between machinery
  • Synchronous output enables strobe to drive other strobes
  • Easy tri-pod or permanent mounting with integral mounting thread
 Shimpo DT-315A Stroboscope


SG-300 Rubber strobe guard for DT-315A
CABLE-361-10FT  Daisy chain syncing connection cable for DT-3015N stroboscopes, 10 ft length

Ordering Details:

Heavy duty, rechargeable battery powered stroboscope
DT-3015N-EU     Same as DT-3015N except with 230V power
NIST-STROBE NIST traceable certificate for digital stroboscopes, includes data




Model DT-3015N
Flashing Range 40.0 - 35,000 fpm (flashes per minute)
Accuracy ±0.05 % of reading
Resolution 30.0 to 5000.0 : 0.1 fpm; 5001.0 to 8000.0 to 0.2 fpm; 8001.0 to 10000.0 : 0.5 fpm; 10001.0 to 35000.0 : 1.0 fpm
Lux Rating

8" (20 cm) Distance = 1950 lx @ 1500 fpm, 2000 lx @ 6000 fpm with 8" (203 mm) irradiation diameter.

20" (50 cm) Distance = 725 lx @ 1500 fpm, 850 lx @ 6000 fpm with 12" (305 mm) irradiation diameter.

Lamp Lifetime Typ.1200 hours at 1500 fpm
Display 6-digit, 7 segment red LED
Flash Duration
30 μsec
Phase Shift 0 to 359˚ set by 0.1˚ resolution; 0.00 to 999.99 msec set by 0.01 msec resolution, 1000.0 to 1994.4 msec set by 0.1 msec resolution
Power Requirement 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Battery NiMH battery- Approximate 2 hour time to full charge
Battery Life Approx. 3 hours (when the emission count is 1500 FPM)
Input Signal

H level: 2.5 – 12 V; L level: 0 – 0.5 V Pulse width : 50 µs or more

Input impedance : 10 kΩ or more

Input Signal Range

27 to 35,020 fpm (1 fpm resolution) with available delay setting in degree or msec

Sensor Power Supply DC 12 VDC 40 mA
Temperature Limits 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Humidity Limits 35 to 85% RH (Non- condensing)
Product Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Package Weight 7.35 lbs (3.3 kg)
Approvals RoHS
Warranty 1-Year
Included Accessories Input Signal Connector, Charger Adapter with cable.
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