Shimpo Instruments has set the standard for quality, reliability, efficient design and ease of use with our lightweight metal construction, handheld contact and contact/non-contact laser tachometers. Recognized worldwide, our tachometers have an unlimited range of industrial and laboratory uses. Contact and non-contact models are available.

Handheld Tachometer Applications

Input/output shaft speed, belt, fan speed, total length and flash rate; from propeller speed to wire or yarn/filament speed, pulp and paper mills to blood centrifuges, Shimpo tachometers are the tachometers most requested by professionals. Some of their most common uses: · Measuring shaft speed
· Measuring conveyor belt speed
· Calibration (comparing speeds to verify that panel mounts are reading   correctly)
· Measure linear speed
· Measure distance (length)

Our new DT-205L and DT-207L tachometers incorporate laser technology yet retain our hallmark rugged construction and reliable quality components; both offer incredible value and versatility as they perform non-contact and contact applications via the included contact adapter. We're confident you'll agree that these fine units are the most advanced handheld tachometers on the market! One year warranty.


Features Benefits
Sophisticated laser beam detection Safely allows RPM detection in hard- to-reach or dangerous areas
Exceptional accuracy (±0.0006% of reading) Assures reliable measurement results
Length and rate functions Offer expanded measurement capabilities
Multi-mode speed selection 9 selections allow optimum versatility
Broad speed range (up to 99,999 RPM) Covers a wide range of applications
Hardy aluminum construction Assures maintenance-free performance for many years
Large 5 digit display Numbers are easily readable
Expansive 10 test memory capacity (selectable to 5 minutes or more) Stores last/min/max readings for thorough equipment/process inspection
Extended battery life (25 - 40 hours) Advanced power management for longer operating times/increased productivity
Free N.I.S.T. certificate Permits easy compliance with regulations
CE mark Compliant with applicable EU directives
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