Shimpo Instruments has set the standard for quality, reliability, efficient design and ease of use with our lightweight metal construction, handheld contact and contact/non-contact laser tachometers. Recognized worldwide, our tachometers have an unlimited range of industrial and laboratory uses. Contact and non-contact models are available.

Handheld Tachometer Applications

Input/output shaft speed, belt, fan speed, total length and flash rate; from propeller speed to wire or yarn/filament speed, pulp and paper mills to blood centrifuges, Shimpo tachometers are the tachometers most requested by professionals. Some of their most common uses: · Measuring shaft speed
· Measuring conveyor belt speed
· Calibration (comparing speeds to verify that panel mounts are reading   correctly)
· Measure linear speed
· Measure distance (length)

Incorporating the precise laser technology and user-friendly functions as our DT-205L/207L tachometers, the DT-205L-S12 and DT-207L-S12 provide exceptional accuracy in measuring speed and length via a 12" wheel; the larger wheel rotates more slowly than a standard 6" wheel, enabling reliable and safe registration of high speeds. These superior instruments also feature a contact adapter, conveniently allowing both non-contact and contact measurement. One year warranty.


Features Benefits
Advanced laser beam detection Enables safe RPM measurement from 14 feet
Extremely accurate (±0.0006% of reading) Fully meets the strictest tolerances
Length and rate functions Increases value/versatility via added applications
Multi-mode speed selection Provides versatility via 9 selections
Extensive speed range (up to 99,999 RPM) Maximizes usage in almost limitless applications
All-metal construction Exceptional durability; withstands harsh use
Large 5 digit display Permits easy reading
Expansive 10 test memory capacity Allows thorough equipment/process inspection
Lengthy battery life (25 - 40 hours) Longer operating times are achieved
Free N.I.S.T. certificate Permits easy compliance with regulations
CE mark Compliant with applicable EU directives
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Shimpo DT-205 - 207 Handheld Tachometer

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