This simple to use gauge quickly and accurately locates, orientates and measures the depth of cover over reinforcement bars. Designed to meet IP65 this rugged waterproof gauge, supplied with a backlight as standard, can be used in the harshest of environments. Measuring concrete cover thickness with unparalleled accuracy the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B is an entry level gauge for users who simply want to identify and measure the depth of the rebar.
  • Accurately measure concrete cover thickness - the large graphics display clearly indicates the depth of cover; a signal strength indicator bar and variable tone speaker also identify when you are nearing rebar.
  • Precise, rapid and easy location of bar direction - Simply rotate the detection probe to quickly and precisely find the direction of the reinforcement bar. The Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B can even locate and measure welded mesh fabrications.
  • Easy to use - a fully menu driven gauge, in many languages, helps the user quickly navigate around the functions of the instrument.
  • Single handed operation - The unique 4 key search heads from Elcometer allow almost all functions to be accessed whilst measuring.
  • International bar sizes - the user can quickly select either Metric, Japanese and ASTM/Canadian bar sizes, or standard bar numbers for the USA.
  • Continuous inspection 24 hours a day - each gauge is supplied with a quick release battery pack and charger. When the low-battery warning is displayed, simply replace the battery pack. Battery packs can be charged both inside or outside the gauge - allowing maximum usage of the instrument whilst on site.
Following the Elcometer philosophy of flexibility, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Covermeters have a wide range of optional accessories to meet many specialist needs:
  • Identify subsequent layers of rebars & tendon ducts - connected to our Borehole Probe the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B is able to detect rebars or tendon ducts behind layer after layer of rebar up to 100cm (40") deep.
  • Measure in a wide range of congested situations - using the optional Narrow Pitch Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B can measure close to corners, castellated concrete surfaces, and pre-cast concrete units. Reinforced cages in concrete pipes can also be investigated.
  • Extended Measurement Range - using the Deep Cover Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model B's measurement range can be extended to 180 mm (7") of concrete cover.


Can be used in accordance with:
ACI 318
BS 1881:204
CP 110 DIN 1045
EC 2 SIA 162
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