The Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S Covermeter includes all of the features, flexibility and ease of use of the Model B, and has additional functionality making it the gauge of choice for structural and civil engineers and surveyors alike. Measuring concrete cover thickness with a very high level of accuracy, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S is an intermediate level gauge for users who want greater accuracy in measuring the depth of rebar together with a simple data storage capability for recording and downloading data at a later date.
  • Automatic Rebar Sizing - the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S has two modes of rebar estimation:
  • Autosize - a quick estimation of the bar size, displayed in the main measurement mode; and
  • Orthogonal - a more accurate method to determine the size of unknown bars.
  • Under Cover Mode - the gauge's buzzer only sounds when a minimum cover has been detected.
  • Maxpip™ Mode - the buzzer only sounds when the search head has passed the centre of the rebar, ideal for fast identification of the layout of the rebar.
  • Min / Max Cover Limits - program in minimum and/or maximum cover thickness values to monitor whether depth of cover is within specification.
  • Data Logging and Statistics - 1,000 individual cover readings, and measurement statistics can be stored in the gauge’s memory and either printed on a directly connected printer or uploaded into your PC using Elcometer’s EDTS+ Excel Link or CoverMaster® Software, supplied as standard with each instrument, for further evaluation and report generation.
Following the Elcometer philosophy of flexibility, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Covermeters have a wide range of optional accessories to meet many specialist needs:
  • Identify subsequent layers of rebars & tendon ducts - connected to our Borehole Probe the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S is able to detect rebars or tendon ducts behind layer after layer of rebar up to 100cm (40") deep.
  • Measure in a wide range of congested situations - using the optional Narrow Pitch Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S can measure close to corners, castellated concrete surfaces, and pre-cast concrete units. Reinforced cages in concrete pipes can also be investigated.
  • Extended Measurement Range - using the Deep Cover Search Head, the Elcometer Protovale 331 Model S's measurement range can be extended to 180 mm (7") of concrete cover.


Can be used in accordance with:
ACI 318
BS 1881:204
CP 110 DIN 1045
EC 2 SIA 162
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Locating steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures. Damage caused when a drill or a fastener makes contact with a pipe is costly. A drill making contact with rebar or tendon ducts, however, not only destroys the drill bit but also can lead to serious structural damage. Before carrying out any maintenance work, it is vital to identify the location, orientation and depth of sub-surface metalwork. Elcometer has three covermeters in their range.
Call to book your Concrete Covermeters / Rebar Locators Rental
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