Series ST-4000 LED Stroboscope

The ST-4000 is a portable, light-weight stroboscope with gun trigger light activation that utilizes 21 super bright CREE High Powered LED lamps. The ST-4000’s LED array provides a bright, stable strobe light over a wide measurement range with a lifetime far exceeding xenon-lit stroboscopes. Containing a rechargeable lithium battery, a single charge is able to last up to a full 5 hours of operation. The ST-4000 is designed for speed and frequency measurements in motion and vibration analysis applications. It is ideal for predictive and preventive maintenance applications such as: motors, shafts, roto-gravure printing, extruders, blow molding, wire lettering and striping, engraving, pulse jets, water jets, fans, cams, gear teeth, belt inspections, fuel injectors, vibration analysis, audio speaker analysis, spindle spinning, cutting blade timing and sharpness, plus many more in the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical, medical and shipbuilding industries.

 Series ST-4000 LED Stroboscope



  • Large 21 LED array creates large, bright viewing area
  • Quick and easy flash-control adjustment with x 2/ ÷ 2 combined with fine tuning +/- buttons enables precise flash setting
  • Backlit LCD Display aids viewing in poorly lit areas
  • Large handle grip with trigger style activation lessens strain holding for long periods
  • Internal, fast-charge rechargeable battery
  • External sensor flash activation capability with separate sensor wired with included connection cable

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