Proving Ring Penetrometer

Used to determine the bearing capacity of subgrades, or to measure soil compaction. Light and easy to handle in the field. A rapid means of determining the penetration resistance of soil in shallow exploration surveys. Includes: 30°, 1 sq. in. (6.45 sq cm) cone; 250 Ib. (1.1kN) capacity proving ring; brake type dial indicator, holds final reading until manually released; 3/4" (19mm) dia shaft, graduated at 6", (152mm) intervals; 3/4" (19mm) dia extension rod, graduated at 6" (152mm) intervals; cast aluminum T-handle. Shipping wt. 15 lbs, (6.8kg)

Manual: H-4204_-_Proving_Ring_Penetrometer.pdf

Proving Ring Penetrometer– H-4204


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