Digital, Static Cone Penetrometer

The HS-4210 Digital, Static Cone Penetrometer (DSCP), with its large, digital readout, makes testing and recording readings easy. The DSCP can be used to evaluate soil consistency by determining the soil’s level of compaction and/or the bearing capacity. The DSCP is especially useful in evaluating shallow foundations and pavement subgrades where fine-grained and soft soils are being used. The DSCP can also be used to aid technicians in quickly selecting sites for testing, as well as correlating with other tests, based on local conditions, such as standard or modified Proctor, CBR or Bearing Capacity. The DSCP uses a dual-rod design, which eliminates the need to correct for soil friction on the rod as the cone is pushed through the material. Penetration resistance is read directly from the cone tip and registered on the digital display. The Unit comes with a 30” starter rod and a 60° cone with a 1.5cm,2 area.

Manual: HS-4210_DSCP.pdf

Digital, Static Cone Penetrometer– HS-4210

Static Cone Penetrometer

Used in fine-grained, soft soils at shallow foundation and pavement subgrades to evaluate for soil consistency, level of compaction and bearing capacity. Unmatched for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Pressure gauge with 0-70kg/cm is scaled for direct reading of cone stress, eliminating proving ring conversions. Dual rod design eliminates soil friction factor. High strength aluminum and steel construction. Standard model includes a 60° cone with 1.5 cm. max. area, a 24" (0.6m) starter rod assembly rated at 250 lbf axial force max., and a pressure gauge. Shipping wt. 8 lb. (3.63kg)

Manual: H-4210A_Static_Cone_Penetrometer.pdf

Static Cone Penetrometer— H-4210A

Accessories / Replacement Parts

60° Cone with 3cm2 max area— H-4210.3

Extension Rod, 24 in. (0.6m)— H-4210E.2A

60° Cone with 1.5cm2 max area— H-4210.1

Starter rod, 24 in. (0.6m)— H-4210.2A

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