Electrical Density Gauge

The Electrical Density Gauge (EDG) is a non-nuclear alternative for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used in road beds and foundations. The EDG is a portable, battery-powered instrument capable of being used anywhere without the concerns and regulations associated with nuclear safety. Its user-friendly, step-by-step menu guides the user through each step of the testing procedure and cautions the user when values do not correspond to established curves for the material being tested. Easy-to-use, the EDG can be used as a construction aid to monitor day-to-day compaction operations by providing performance and measurement results highly comparable to those achieved with traditional methods, including the nuclear gauge and/or a sand-cone and oven moisture test combination. When conducting a test, the EDG measures and displays the results for wet and dry density, gravimetric moisture content and percent compaction. For the contractor the advantages of using the EDG are:
• it does not require a highly-trained or licensed technician,
• it does not require special handling for shipping or regulatory compliance for hazardous materials
• it is easy to learn and easy to use with its step-by-step menu
• it is accurate and repeatable with results that mirror known testing methods

Manual: H-4114C.3F_-_Electrical_Density_Gauge.pdf

Manual: H-4114C_-_EDG_Software_Manual.pdf

Data Sheet: Electrical_Density_Gauge.pdf

Electrical Density Gauge– H-4114C.3F

4" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge

4" Dart for use with the H-4114.3F Electrical Density Gauge. Price is for one dart, four are needed for operation (all size darts below).

4" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge— H-4114.4

6" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge— H-4114.6

8" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge— H-4114.8

10" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge— H-4114.10

12" Dart for Electrical Density Gauge— H-4114.12

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