Light weight deflectometers (LWDs) are increasingly being used to determine overall compaction quaility of all types of earthworks through their use as a QC/QA field test. LWDs provide a rapid determination of elastic modulus, which is an essential factor in mechanistic design and can be used as an accurate assessment of compaction.deflectometer

An LWD is used for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection) of subgrade/subsoils and unbound base layers, granular layers and backfilling materials, according to ASTM E2835-11 and ASTM E2583-07 (2011). Based on the static plate load test requiring a load vehicle, the LWD provdes a simple, fast and repeatable test providing an accurate assessment of compaction parameters.

Applications for this non destructive method of testing bearing capacity and compaction include road construction, pipeline and cable backfill, railway track beds, airport runway/taxiways, dam construction, embankments, foundations and other earthworks.

The Humboldt 300GPS is the most advanced Light Weight Deflectometer available today. The Terratest unit is constructed to stand up to daily use at construction sites. The control unit sports a huge inspection window and external conrol buttons, which allows the electronics to remain in the sealed control box during use.

Terratest features include:

  • Weatherproof box with external control buttons, protecting the measurement electronics
  • GPS system with display in satellite picture
  • Integrated printer for immediate printout
  • High-performance rechargeable battery
  • PC-software for evaluation and management of measured data
  • Chip-card reader for transferring data

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for quick, uncomplicated testing procedures

Operation is intuitive and extremely user-friendly. Step-by-step menu provides an easy-to-follow testing sequence along with integrated printing and saving of all test data.

Easy Software

User-friendly, with integrated Google® Earth GPS Interface

GPS data is determined and coordinates saved for each testing point. This infomation is easily transported and displayed on your PC along with the Google® Earth photo and the measured value, date and time. The PC software allows you to create individual data records, as well as statistical analysis of the entire testing area as specified in ASTM E2835-11.

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