Sand Density Cone

For determining in-place density of gravel and coarse soils. Features two identical cones (top cone is clear plastic) with large valve in middle and circular density plate. Flange that fits the lower cone allows apparatus to be used on holes up to 12" (305mm) dia. Meets U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications. Shipping wt. 50 lbs. (22.7kg)

Sand Density Cone– H-4248

Density Sand

Clean, dry, free-flowing uncemented sand has few, if any, particles passing the No. 200 (75mm) or retained on the No. 10 (2.00mm) sieves. The sand’s variation in bulk density does not vary greater than 1 percent. Packaged in a heavy reinforced bag. Meets ASTM D1556; AASHTO T191. Shipping wt. 50 lbs. (22.7kg)* *Please note that shipping costs will be high due to the weight of this item.

Density Sand– H-3821

In-place Density Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit for use with Sand Density Cones and Voluvessels. Includes: 100 Sample Bags and Ties, a pocket dial thermometer, a bristle brush, a stainless steel spoon, a steel chisel and a rubber mallet. Does not include sand.

In-place Density Accessory Kit– H-4117

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