Shelby Tube

3" (76.2mm) dia. x 10” long, thin-walled, open-tube samplers available in galvanized steel. Lower end is chamfered to form a cutting edge and upper end includes holes for securing tubes to a drive head. Can be used to protect sample during transport.

Shelby Tube— H-4210.10

Shelby Tube, 18" Long, Galvanized— H-4210.18

Shelby Tube, 30" Long, Galvanized— H-4210.30

Shelby Tube, 36" Long, Galvanized— H-4210.36

Shelby Tube Caps

3" (76.2mm) dia. plastic caps for holding sample in tube during transportation and storage.

Shelby Tube Caps– H-4210C

Shelby Tube Drive Head

Drive Head for Shelby tubes for use with H-4202.1 or H-4202.1A Drive Hammers with ”E“ rod connection.

Shelby Tube Drive Head– H-4202.7A

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