Cone Tip w/wrench flats

Cone tip w/wrench flats for use with H-4219.

Hardened Cone Tip w/wrench flats— H-4219.4

Disposable Cone Tip adapter w/wrench flats— H-4219.5


Disposable Cones

Disposable cones for use with H-4219.

Disposable Cones, pkg. of 25— H-4218.9

Disposable Cones, pkg. of 100— H-4219.100

Std., 1 meter Drive Rod

Std., 1 meter drive rod for use with H-4219.

Std., 1 meter Threaded Drive Rod— H-4219.11

Std., 1 meter, Disposable Cone Drive Rod— H-4219.10


Disposable Cone Drive Rod

Disposable cone drive rod for use with H-4219.

2 meter Disposable Cone Drive Rod— H-4219.13

3 meter Disposable Cone Drive Rod— H-4219.14


24" Extension Rod

24" extension rod for use with H-4219.

24" Extension Rod– H-4219.8


Vertical Scale, 44"

Vertical scale, 44" for use with H-4219.

Vertical Scale, 44"– H-4219.2


Go, No Go Gauge

Go, No Go Gauge for use with H-4219

Go, No Go Gauge– H-4219.3


Magnetic Ruler for the H-4218BDCP

The Magnetic Ruler is a battery-operated (9V), data-collection device for the 8 kg Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP). It displays depth, blows, mm/blow, cumulative mm/blow , and cumulative blow/inch in SI and English. The correlations are CBR (California bearing ratio) in %; Bearing capacity in Kips per square foot, and unconfined compression test in %. A flash drive records the data, information entered by the operator, and date and time for each test via a waterproof USB port. The sensitive electronics on the vertical scale detect the position of the upper attachment, which slides freely over the vertical scale and is fastened to the drive rod at the other end. This product is acute to 1 mm.

Magnetic Ruler for the H-4218BDCP– H-4218.MR

40” Vertical Scale

40” Vertical Scale– H-4218.503


Vertical Scale, Upper Attachment

Vertical Scale, Upper Attachment– H-4218.530


Vertical Scale, Foot

Vertical Scale, Foot– H-4218.510


Quick Connect

Quick connect, pin with clip (2 ea.)

Quick Connect– H-4218B.450


Extra Strong Drive Rod

Tempered steel, 37-3/4" long for use with H-4218B DCP. Under normal conditions it will return to straight position after being bent. 5 year warranty.

Extra Strong Drive Rod– H-4218B.300


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