Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

The Standard DCP Kit measures the shear strength of soil with a CBR (California Bearing Ratio) between 0.5-100% and psf from 455-7072. This single-operator kit is ideal for state/county/city highway departments and geotech firms. CBR and psf can be estimated in the field from tables in the manual and plotted using Corps of Engineers Excel template included on CD. It comes with a stainless steel dual-mass (17.6/10.1 lb) hammer and quick-connect upper rod, 30 inch drive rod (27 ¼ inch penetration), a 40 inch vertical scale, upper and lower scale mounts, a roll of marking tape with pen, a reusable hardened point and a disposable cone adapter with 25 disposable cones for fast and easy extraction of the instrument from hard/cohesive soil. The kit also includes a crush-proof Pelican carrying case with transport wheels and wrench set. Shipping: 45" x 16" x 7", 54 Lbs. Additional disposable cones, adapters, and hardened points are available.

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer– H-4218B

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

The H-4219 is designed in full compliance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications for weight and design. Its heavy-duty design utilizes threaded connections for accurate, positive operation during test procedure. It features a machined taper and grooves on bottom of hammer mass, which significantly aids in easier lifting of the mass and safer operation. The H-4219 utilizes the original Corps' design of 1 meter long drive rods and offers unique 6 and 9 meter long drive rods for operations where augered holes are used to get test data at extended depths. These one-piece long drive rods make testing fast and efficient in these applications. The standard unit includes: dual-mass slide hammer assembly, 1 meter drive rod with hardened tip, 1 meter drive rod with disposable cone tip adapter, 100 disposable tips, vertical scale, go, no go gauge, all necessary wrenches, user manual with spreadsheet software template and crush-proof Pelican carrying case. Additional disposable cones, adapters, and hardened points are available.

Manual: H-4219_-_Dual_Mass.pdf

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer— H-4219

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer with (2) 24" Extension Rods— H-4219D

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