Torvane Shear Tester Set, Metal

This device is recommended for the rapid determination of shear strength of cohesive soils, in either the field or laboratory. The tester may be used for in-place testing of pits or trenches. It permits the determination of a large number of strength values with different orientation of failure planes. It is simple to use with sample trimming eliminated. All that is needed is a reasonably flat surface 25mm in diameter. It gives repeatable values in homogeneous clay. Extensive laboratory testing indicates excellent agreement between the unconfined compression test and the shear tester. The simultaneous use of the TST and a pocket penetrometer allows rapid evaluation of the degree of the internal friction of soil in shear strength or to determine if the soil is essentially cohesive.

Torvane Shear Tester Set, Metal– H-4212M

Torvane Shear Tester Set, Plastic

Similar to H-4212M, but made of plastic. Comes in plastic case.

Torvane Shear Tester Set, Plastic– H-4212

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