CBR-Specific Load Frame

This CBR (California Bearing Ratio) machine has a one-speed motor with a reversing switch that produces a uniform vertical movement of .05" (1.27mm) per minute, ASTM D1883. Maximum piston travel is 3-1/2" (88mm). H-4156M is sold as a set, which includes the following items: H-4454.100 Load Ring, 10,000 lbf (50kN), H-4158.1 Dial Gauge 1.000" x .001", H-4178 Penetration Piston with stud, and H-4178BR Dial Indicator Bracket. Overall dimensions are: 18 x 18 x 38-1/2"H (457 x 457 x 978mm). Shipping wt. 185 lbs. (78.9 kg)


Manual: H-4156M_-_CBR_Load_Frames.pdf



CBR-Specific Load Frame, 115V 60Hz— H-4156M CBR-Specific Load Frame, 220 50/60Hz— H-4156M.4F

CBR Mechanical, Loading Press— H-4156

The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) loading press (load frame) uses a two-position mechanical jack to provide steady test speeds, as well as rapid travel of the platen for positioning of the sample. The Press, includes a H-4454.100, 11,000lbf (48.8kN) calibrated load ring, a H-4178, 1.95" (49.5mm) dia. (3 in2 area) penetration piston, a H-4158.1, 1.000" x .001, dial indicator and a H-4178BR dial indicator bracket, Overall dimensions: 18" x 12" x 34" (45.8 x 30.5 x 86.4cm).

Two-speed Mechanical Replacement Jack— H-4156J

CBR Testing Set with H-4156 Loading Press— H-4152

The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) testing set includes the following items: (1) H-4156 Mechanical Loading Press; (4) H-4152 Molds; (1) H-4153 Spacer Disk; (4) H-4154 Filter Screens; (2) H-4172 Swell Plates; (1) H-4158 Tripod Attachment; (4) H-4175 Slotted Surcharge Weights; (1) H-4170A Density Hammer; (1) H-4144 Straight Edge, (1) H-4174 Cutting Edge

CBR Field Test Set— H-4152F

The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) field test set is designed for making CBR determinations in the field and is built around a modified H-4156 Load Frame. The set includes 1 of each of the following: H-4156J Gear Box w/ handle, H-4156SB Swivel Base; H-4454.020 2200 lbf Load Ring; H-4454.050 5500 lbf Load Ring; H04178F.4 Penetration Piston - 4"; H-4152F.1 Extension Set; H-4152F.2 Extension Set; H-4158.1 Dial Indicator 1.000" x .001"; H-4466.10 Extension Points - 1" length; H-4470 Magnet Holder w/ swivel; H-4152F.8 Steel Bridge Support – 8 ft., and 2 of H-4179F.10 Surcharge Weight and H-4179F.20 Surcharge Weight.

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