Swell Plate— H-4172

Perforated 5-7/8" (149mm) dia. base with adjustable stem. Contact end of the stem is easily locked in place with a knurled nut. Shipping wt. 5 lbs. (2.3kg)

Swell Tripod Attachment— H-4158

Metal tripod supports dial gauge for measuring the amount of swell during soaking. Attachment is used withH-4172 swell plate. Order dial indicator separately.

Dial Indicator— H-4158.1

Dial indicator has 1.000" operating range, graduated in 0.001" divisions, clockwise movement and revolution counter. Recommended for use with H-4158 tripod

Cutting Edge— H-4174

Machined from seamless tubing with a sharpened edge to enable undisturbed samples to be taken in the field, cutting edge is plated for rust resistance. Cutting edge has 6" (152mm) ID and is 2" (51mm) high. Recess in upper section allows edge to be mounted at either end of the H-4149 or H-4151 mold to facilitate sample removal in the field.

Filter Screen— H-4154

100 mesh brass screen is 5-15/16" (1521mm) dia.

Filter Paper— H-4154FP

100 pack of coarse grade paper filter, used to separate spacer disc and soil in the CBR mold during compaction operation or over the top surface of the soil when the compaction operation is completed.

5 lb. Surcharge Weight— H-4175

Used in the application of surcharged loads on the soil‘s surface during soaking and penetration. Rust-resistant, plated annular disc weighs 5 lbs. (2.3kg), 5-7/8" (149mm) OD with a 2-1/8" (54mm) ID hole in center.

5 lb. Slotted Surcharge Weight— H-4176

Same as H-4175 above, except with a 2-1/8" (54mm) slot.

10 lb. Surcharge Weight— H-4177

10 lb. (4.5kg) Field surcharge weight, made in two parts; 5-7/8" (149mm) OD; 2-1/8" (54mm) ID. Shipping wt. 11 lbs. (5.0kg)

10 lb. Slotted Surcharge Weight— H-4179

10 lb. (4.5kg) Field surcharge weight, slotted design, 8-1/2" (216mm) dia.

Spacer Disc. LBR— H-4147

Disc is used as a false bottom in a soil mold during the compaction process. Plated rust-resistant steel disc is 1.416” (36mm) high, 5-15/16" (150.8mm) dia.

Spacer Disc— H-4153

Disc is used as a false bottom in a soil mold during the compaction process. Plated rust-resistant steel disc is 2.416” (61mm) high, 5-15/16" (150.8mm) dia.

Penetration Piston— H-4178

CBR Penetration Piston has 3 sq. in. (19.35cm2) base area and is about 7-1/2" (191mm) long. Designed for use in conjunction with weights H-4175 and H-4176 to apply penetration surcharge loads.

Dial Indicator Bracket— H-4178BR

Bracket used to attach a dial indicator to the penetration piston.

Swivel Base— H-4156SB

Swivel Base for mechanical jack. Shipping wt. 6 lbs. (2.7kg)

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