HMTS Reporting Software, Consolidation Module

Humboldt Material Testing Software (HMTS) provides a complete solution for the acquisition, recording and presentation of test data, as well as controlling testing operations when used in conjunction with compatible Humboldt testing equipment. HMTS works in conjunction with Microsoft Excel to present test data in easy-to-read Excel workbook format files, which can be evaluated directly or sent to any computer using Microsoft Excel.

The Consolidation Module provides a simple, test-specific interface to control Consolidation test operations and automatically record data while also displaying it in real-time tables and graphs.

Technicians can be freed-up for other duties with the assurance that all test data is being collected and saved.


  • Test Information is stored, and all calculations are performed automatically
  • Live tests and live graphing capabilities (real-time)
  • Complete test report including all calculations and graphs required for testing
  • Review and export tests using Microsoft Excel


Software, Material Data Sheet

HMTS Reporting Software, Consolidation Module– HM-1100SW

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