4" (10mm) Linear Strain Conversion Transducer (LSCT)— HM-2310.04

Extremely accurate and reliable strain gauge instruments. Compact size does not require a module. High resolution and performance superior to LVDT.
  • Less than 250g spring force on spindle
  • Non-linearity better than ± 0.1% of full scale deflection
  • Hysteresis-compensated with linearity better than ± 0.1% of full scale in both directions
  • Negligible temperature effect
Stainless steel casing for environmental protection. Operating temperature range 0 to 70°C. Requires input of 10V dc; output up to 6.5 mV per volt.

1.0" (25mm) Linear Strain Conversion Transducer (LSCT)— HM-2310.10

Same as above except 1.0" (25mm).

2.0" (50mm) Linear Strain Conversion Transducer (LSCT)— HM-2310.20

LSCT Mounting Bracket— HM-4178BRT

Bracket used for CBR and 3\" bracket.

LSCT Mounting Bracket— HM-2310BR

Bracket used in mounting LSCT to equipment in replacement of dial gauge.

LSCT Mounting Bracket— HM-4193BR

Bracket used in mounting LSCT or dial gauge to the upper part of a triaxial cell with a 5/8” (15.5mm) dia. ram for strain measurement. (HM-2310BR also required for use with LSCT.)

Magnetic Indicator Mount— H-4470

Convenient, portable mount for mounting indicators and gauges. Mount has magnetic base, which mounts on flat or curved metallic surfaces. Non-magnetic stainless steel holding rod is 6 x 1/4\" (154 x 6.4mm) and set in hardened ball socket so indicator or gauge may be mounted in almost any position.

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