Cone Penetrometer— H-4236

The Cone Penetrometer test method for Liquid Limit is based on the relationship between the moisture content and the penetration of a cone into a soil sample. BS 1337/2, NF P94-052,1 The apparatus consists of a cast aluminum base, 150mm dia. dial with 0.1mm subdivisions, calibrated cursor, automatic zeroing device, release button, micrometric displacement device, penetration test cone and two sample brass cups.

Semi-Automatic, Cone Penetrometer

Semi-automatic version of the H-4236 Cone Penetrometer incorporates a built-in 5 second timer for greater uniformity in test results.


Semi-Automatic, Cone Penetrometer, 115V 60Hz— H-4237 Semi-Automatic, Cone Penetrometer, 220-240V 50Hz— H-4237.5F

Test Gauge— H-4236G

Test Gauge, Checks cone tip condition. For use with H-4237 Cone Penetrometer.

Mirror— H-4236M

Mirror, Aids in cone height adjustment. For use with H-4237 Cone Penetrometer.

Test Cone— H-4236.1

Test Cone, 35mm long, 30° angle. For use with H-4237 Cone Penetrometer.

Brass Sample Cup— H-4236.2

Brass Sample Cup. For use with H-4237 Cone Penetrometer.

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