Motorized, Hydraulic Sample Ejector

Provides a very efficient and easy means for rapid ejection of samples from standard 3" (76.2mm) thin-wall sample tubes. When operated in the standard vertical position, the ejector requires only a maximum height of 76" (1930mm) when extruding samples from a 36" (914mm) long tube. In operation, two electrically driven cylinders, working in tandem, are used to pull the tube down in 20" (508mm) increments. The tube gripper assembly was specifically designed to securely hold the thin wall tube in place and quickly release when the ejection process has completed without damaging the tube. Through the use of optional accessories, the sample ejector can be used to extrude samples from 2" (50.8mm) or 2.5" (63.5mm) OD tubes. For laboratories that desire to eject samples horizontally, an optional V-shaped trough is available. Shipping wt. 177 lbs (80kg)
Motorized, Hydraulic Sample Ejector, 115V 60Hz— H-4157B Motorized, Hydraulic Sample Ejector, 230V 60Hz— H-4157B.2F Motorized, Hydraulic Sample Ejector, 230V 50Hz— H-4157B.5F Sample Trough for Horizontal Configuration— H-4157B.1 Conversion Kit for 2" Sample Tube— H-4157B.2 Conversion Kit for 2-1/2" Sample Tube— H-4157B.3

Horizontal Sample Ejector

Hydraulically driven horizontal sample ejector designed for rapid ejection of 3" (76.2mm) samples from 30" (762mm) and 36" (914mm) long, thin-wall sample tubes. Comes with (1) sample “V” trough to support ejected samples. Overall dimensions w/o sample trough are: 84" (2134mm) L x 23" (584mm) W x 18" (457mm) H. Shipping wt. 340 lbs (154kg)
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 115V 60Hz— H-4185 Horizontal Sample Ejector, 220V 50/60Hz— H-4185.4F “V”-shaped Sample Trough— H-4185.VT Round Sample Trough for Soft Soils— H-4185.RT Conversion Kit for 2" Sample Tube— H-4185.2 Conversion Kit for 2-1/2" Sample Tube— H-4185.3

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