Sand Equivalent Shaker


Sand equivalent tests serve as rapid field-correlation tests to show relative proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dusts in granular soils and fine aggregates. The test separates sand and clay, a comparative reading is determined between the suspended clay and the settled sand in the measuring cylinder. Tests may be done in the laboratory or the field. Motorized sand equivalent shaker features two separate electronic timers (one preset at 45 seconds and the other preset at 10 minutes) to increase accuracy and ease of operation compared to a spring-type timer. It is recommended for samples in the laboratory. The consistent, repeatable oscillation of the apparatus eliminates operator-caused variation. Shaking operation delivers an 8" (203mm) stroke at a speed of 175 ±2 strokes per minute. Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 24"H (31 x 61 x 61cm). Meets ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176. Shipping wt. 80 lbs. (36.3kg)


Manual: H-4374_-_Sand_Equivalent_Shakers.pdf



Sand Equivalent Shaker, 115V 60Hz— H-4374 Sand Equivalent Shaker, 230V 50Hz— H-4374.5F


Manually Operated Sand Equivalent Shaker— H-4378

Manually operated sand equivalent shaker is ideal for use on job site to give more uniform shaking action. Shaker consists of mounting bracket with cylinder holder and two spring steel straps, stroke indicator and counter mounted on one end. Uniform shaking action is accomplished by pushing the top frame by a simple stroke of the hand. Portable unit features removable wooden carrying case. Dimensions: 21 x 6-1/2 x 26-3/8" (53 x 17 x 67cm). Meets ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176. Shipping wt. 49 lbs. (22.3kg)

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